Our mission is to inform men about the joy of fashion. Men also need to be able to represent their personality through style. Stylish and humorous clothes will make their characters. My role is creating a unique identity for Suitsupply in digital. Furthermore, reducing the experience gap between offline and online.



Design Direction
UX & UI Design
Interation Design

Home screen design

The homepage is the face of our character on the web. I did different make-up for SS & FW campaign period. Outside of the campaign period, I designed a simple grid structure homepage which can arrow to maintain our contents based on our strategy easily.

Product category page

In the offline store, the customer can look and feel the Fabric close. However, this experience on the web is the most challenge for me. The first solution is that to show the proper size of the high-quality image on the different screen environment. The small size images can't explain well the fabric subtleness in detail.

Web personalization

Web personalization is the key to our E-commerce. We can use user's previous perches, browsing history and many more personal information. I tried to reduce the user's searching time via using the personal information to curate them better.

Size selector

The essential element of the suit is fit. That's why Suitsupply has very complicated size range. To solve this issue, I used international size letters with user's height information on size picker. Via this way, more than 90% of the testing users can arrow to find their size easily.

Product detail page

This PDP designed in three stages. First block with current product details. Second block with matching product information. Last block with recommended products based on color, pattern and price information. Via design, I tried to reduce the rebounding rate.

Re-usable design

For some applications that require a lot of development time and efforts. To solve this issue, I always design re-usable and straightforward code based structure. This simple structure UI can reduce not only development time but also be debugging time.

Custom Made Mobile

Custom Made application V2 arrows users to use application by using one hand. Also reduced more than 80% of tasks via using pre-selected templets and better categorizing.

Custom Made Desktop

This Generic Custom Made application designed to be used by all our products. Based on some category context, preview size of option images are different to cover the subtleness and details. This design also focused on screen responsiveness carefully.